Yorokobi Kansei
喜び 歓声 Kansei Yorokobi
SeasonLovely Cards PreCure!
Eye ColorLight Green
Hair ColorBrown
Gold (Cure Joker)
First AppearanceEpisode 1
Alter EgoCure Joker
Theme ColorYellow

Yorokobi Kansei (喜び 歓声 Kansei Yorokobi) is the main Cure in Lovely Cards PreCure!. Her alter ego is Cure Joker (キュアジョーカー Kyua Joka) and represents laughter and smiles.


  • Kansei's name means "Cheer" and "Delight". 
  • She wasn't originally going to be the main Cure in this season, Isamu Akane (Cure Queen) was.
  • She is the fifth yellow Pretty Cure in the franchise. 
  • She is the first yellow Pretty Cure to become a leader. 
  • She can only transform when she is with Midori Suzu (Cure Clover).