This page is for Pretty Cures who are, in one way or another, related to Yes! Precure 5 and/or Yes! Precure 5 GoGo.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5

Pretty Cure GoGo HeartEdit

Cure SilverEdit

After being reunied with Mipple, Aruna gains the ability to transform into Cure Silver. She can only make small silver-glowing energy balls for offence and a shield accessible even when not in Cure form for defence. Because of her exceptional fighting skills, Cure Silver doesn't struggle to defend herself. Cure Silver represents hope, which is the origin of her powers. When with her twin, Cure Silver can use Double Star, an attack similar to Marble Screw (Cure Black and Cure White's attack).

Cure GoldEdit

After being reunited with Porun, Von gains the ability to transform into Cure Gold. He is the only male Pretty Cure there is, and is a lot less experienced with fighting than his sister. Cure Gold can defend himself with a shield that is accessible even when not in Cure form, and can launch small golden energy balls as a form of offence. Cure Gold represents light, which is the origin of hs powers. When with his twin, Cure Gold can use Double Star.

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