Umi~Pretty Cure!
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFeburary 9, 2014 - March 8, 2015
PredecessorYes! Pretty Cure 5 Smile Go! Go!
Opening SongP-R-E-C-U-R-E! Umi Daibingu!
Ending SongGenzai ni sotte oyoide (episodes 1-30)
Isoide mizu (episodes 31-60)

Umi~Pretty Cure (海~プリキュア! Umi~Purikyua) is a Fanmade Series created by CureKanade. Unofficialy, this season become the 11th season and current installment of Precure! Series, the series commemorate the eleventh anniversary of Pretty Cure Series and premiered on February 9th 2014. It's theme is ocean and music.



Pretty CuresEdit

Ariel Utahime (歌姫 アリエル Utahime Arieru)/Cure Mermaid (キュア マーメイドKyua Māmeido)

Nami Kikoeru (聞こえる 波 Kikoeru Nami)/Cure Wave (キュア ウェーブ Kyua Uēbu)

Sango Koe (声 サンゴ Koe Sango)/Cure Coral (キュア コーラル Kyua Kōraru)

Suna Naminori (波乗り 砂 Naminori Suna)/Cure Surf (キュア サーフ Kyua Sāfu)

Legendary Pretty CureEdit

Umi Utau (歌う 海 Utau Umi)/Cure Beach (キュア ビーチ Kyua Bīchi)


Splash (スプラッシュ Supurasshu)

The Holy FairyEdit

Ocean (オーシャン Ōshan?)


Shark (サメ Same)

Urchin (ウニ Uni)

Killer (キラー Kirā)


Collective ItemsEdit

Music Locket (ミュージック ロケット Myūjikku Roketto)


  • This the second time to have a Cure who was born as a cure and was battling for their kingdom's life at the start of the story. The first was Cure Sword.
    • They are both purple two.

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