Takara Sora
タカラソラ Sora Takara
Cure faith by trinitysparkle1-d9978h4
SeasonElegant Love PreCure
Eye ColorLight Green
Orange (Cure Faith)
Hair ColorBlonde
Orange (Cure Faith)
First AppearanceEpisode 2
Alter EgoCure Faith
Theme ColorOrange
 Takara Sora (タカラソラ Sora Takara) is one the Cures in Elegant Love PreCure!. Her alter ego is Cure Faith (キュア フェイス Kyua Feisu) and represents clovers and oranges. 


  • Sora's name means "Sky Key".
  • She is the fifth orange Pretty Cure in the franchise. 
  • In her civilian form, she is a famous japanese idol, who sings to make others smile. 

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