Springtime PreCure!
(Haru Purikyua!)
PredecessorFruitPunch PreCure!
SuccessorHarmonic PreCure!





  • Akahana Mio

Mio's alter ego is Cure Rose (キュアローズ Kyua Rōzu), the Pretty Cure of Generosity.

  • Kiku Chika

Chika's alter ego is Cure Poppy (キュアポピー Kyua Popī), the Pretty Cure of Faith.

  • Hinata Reika

Reika's alter ego is Cure Marigold (キュアマリーゴールド Kyua Marīgōrudo), the Pretty Cure of Glee and Bliss.

  • Kikuye Ran

Ran's alter ego is Cure Orchid (キュアオーキッド Kyua Ōkiddo), the Pretty Cure of Hope.

  • Sayuri Kiku

Kiku's alter ego is Cure Lily (キュアリリー Kyua Rirī), the Pretty Cure of Style and Essence.

  • Ruka Hanayo

Hanayo's alter ego is Cure Glory (キュアグローリー Kyua Gurōrī), the Pretty Cure of Passion.

  • Ayame Sakura

Sakura's alter ego is Cure Iris (キュアアイリス Kyua Airisu), the Pretty Cure of Trust.

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