Sparkle PreCure!
(Supākuru Purikyua!)



Pretty CureEdit

Kudo Namida (新一 涙 Kudō Namida)

Namida is fourteen years old and plays the violin and she is rich. She is smart but she always follows policeman around to see if anything is up so she can help investigate. She is a fan of the anime Detective Conan and will do anything to be like Kudo Shinichi. Her catchphrase is "Let's solve this mystery!". She transforms into Cure Mystery (キュア ミステリー Kyua Misuterī) and holds the power of Healing and Mysteries.

Seinaru Inoru (聖なる 祈る Seinaru Inoru)

Inoru is fourteen years old and she is a christian and goes to a christian school. She is kind, sweet and likes to follow Namida around the place and listen to her talk about detectives. She wants to follow in Namida's footsteps but is finding it difficult because she isn't very good at solving problems. She transforms into Cure Glint (キュア グリントKyua Gurinto) and holds the power of Holy Light.