Soruferino Maruchi
ソルフェリーノマルチ Maruchi Soruferīno
Cure Magenta
SeasonRainbow Power PreCure!
16 (Cure Magenta)
Eye ColorLight Blue
Pink (Cure Magenta)
Hair ColorLight Pink
Dark Pink (Cure Magenta)
Home PlaceRainbow Kingdom
First AppearanceEpisode 1
Alter EgoCure Magenta
Theme ColorMagenta & Pink
Soruferino Maruchi (ソルフェリーノマルチ Maruchi Soruferino) is the main Cure in Rainbow Power PreCure!. Her alter ego is Cure Magenta (キュアマゼンタ Kyua Mazenta) and represents pink pearls. 


  • Maruchi's name means "Multi Pink". 
  • She is the first Pretty Cure in the franchise.
  • She is the first pink Pretty Cure in the Franchise.
  • Maruchi is the youngest Pretty Cure in the franchise, but the oldest in her Cure form. 
  • She meets Karinto Mizume (Cure Cookie/Chocolate Wishes) in the Pretty Cure movie.  
  • Her mother Soruferino Tamashi (ソルフェリーノ魂 Tamashi Soruferino) was the wife of King Illusion (キングイリュージョン Kingu Iryūjon). 
  • Tamashi's name means "Soul Pink".