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This page is for all fanon legendary warriors.  

Cure Silver and Cure GoldEdit

Transformation phraseEdit

"Pretty Cure Aurora Power!"


Purikyua, Orora Pawā!


"Pretty Cure Double Star!"


Purikyua, Daburu Sutā!

Cure Silver is Aruna's alter ego, and Cure Gold is Von's. After being reunited with Mipple and Porun, the twins get Touch Communes that they use to transform into Pretty Cure. Because of her exceptional fighting skills, Silver doesn't struggle to defend herself. Gold is the only male Pretty Cure there is, and is a lot less experienced with fighting than his sister. They can only make small glowing energy balls for offence and a shield accessible even when not in Cure form for defence. Silver represents hope and Gold represents light, which are the origins of their powers.

Double Star

Double Star

Cure Black and Cure WhiteEdit

Transformation phraseEdit

"Dual Aurora Wave!"


Dyuaru Ōrora Ueibu!

Cure Black is Kaite's, Natalie's daughter's, alter ego while Cure White is Sophie's, who is Hannah's child.

Cure Cookie/Chocolate WishesEdit

Transformation phraseEdit

"Pretty Cure, Bonbon Mirror!" 


Purikyua, Bonbon Mirā!

Cure Cookie is Karinto Mizume's alter ego, and gets transformed into Chocolate Wishes after saving Arare (Cure Candy) from getting killed.  Karinto is the Pretty Cure of Faith and Happiness. 

Cure Cookie

"The chocolate that brings faith and happiness! Cure Cookie!"

信仰と幸福をもたらすチョコレート! 硬化クッキー!

Shinkō to kōfuku o motarasu chokorēto!  Kyua Kukkī! '


"Pretty Cure, Cookie Thunder!" (Cure Cookie)


Purikyua, Kukkī Sandā!

"Pretty Cure, Chocolate Meltdown!" (Chocolate Wishes)


Purikyua, Chokorēto Merutodaun! 

Cure CloverEdit

Cure Clover

Transformation phrase Edit

"Pretty Cure, Lovely Cards!" 

プリキュア、ラブリー  カード'

Purikyua, Raburī Kādo!

Cure Clover is Midori Suzu's alter ego and she is the Pretty Cure of Peace and Enchantment. 

"The luckiest flower! Cure Clover!" 


Mottomo kōun'na hana! Kyua Kurōbā!


"Pretty Cure, Clovers of Luck!" 


Purikyua, Kōun no Kurōbā!

Cure MarigoldEdit

Cure Marigold

Transformation phraseEdit

"Pretty Cure, make me blossom!"

プリキュア、メイク・ミー 花!

Purikyua, meiku mī hana!

Cure Marigold is Hinata Reika's alter ego and she is the Pretty Cure of Glee and Bliss. 

"The golden flower that sparkles in the sun! Cure Marigold!" 

黄金の花 その 輝き で ザ・ 太陽! キュアマリーゴールド!

Kogane no hana sono kagayaki de za taiyō! Kyua' Marīgōrudo!


"Pretty Cure, Sunflower Bloom!" 


Purikyua, himawari no hana!

Cure HollyEdit

Cure Holly

Transformation phraseEdit

"Pretty Cure, Elegant Mirror Charge!"


Purikyua, Eregantona Mirā Chāji!

Cure Holly is Kanboku Koyo's alter ego and she is the Pretty Cure of Love and Kindness. 

"The red heart that spreads love! Cure Holly!"

愛を広がる赤いハート! キュア ホリー!

Ai o hirogaru akai hāto! Kyua Horī!


"Pretty Cure, Berry Splash!"


Purikyua, Berī Supurasshu! 

Cure FaithEdit

Cure Faith

Transformation phraseEdit

"Pretty Cure, Elegant Mirror Charge!" プリキュア、エレガントなミラーチャージ!

Purikyua, Eregantona Mirā Chāji!

Cure Faith is Takara Sora's alter ego and she is the Pretty Cure of Faith and Believing.

"The confidant warrior who believes! Cure Faith!"

考えている親友の戦士! キュア フェイス'

Kangaete iru shin'yū no senshi! Kyua Feisu!


"Pretty Cure, Believing Clovers!"

プリキュア、信じます クローバー!

Purikyua, Shinjimasu Kurōbā! 

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