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Haven't you wanted to create your own Pretty Cure like Cure Black and Cure White? Well, this is the place. At the Pretty Cure Fandom Wki, that's excatly what we do here! Join today!

Double Star PreCure


Aruna/Cure Silver
Von/Cure Gold

Futari wa Pretty Cure NG


Katie Ferginson/Cure Black
Sophie Whitehouse/Cure White

Rainbow Power PreCure!


Soruferīno Maruchi/Cure Magenta
Kurīmu Daunī/Cure Violet
Kādinaru Shinku/Cure Ruby

Yes! Rainbow PreCure!


Akahana Yoshie/Cure Cherry
Sakura Sango/Cure Coral
Cure Gold
Cure Colbalt
Yasuko Usagi/Cure Meadow
Cure Lavender

Seabreeze PreCure!


Kaito Izumi (Cure Mist/Cure Sea)
Toppū Hyōga (Cure Snow/Cure Ice)

Flutterby PreCure!


Seishin Michiko/Cure Monarch
Cure Lace
Cure Emigrant
Cure Jay
Cure Tropical
Shinju Riko/Cure Pearl

FruitPunch PreCure!


Yuzu Natzume/Cure Apple
Momoka Kyou/Cure Mango
Cure Lemon
Cure Kiwi
Umeko Suika/Cure Plum

Springtime PreCure!


Akahana Mio/Cure Rose
Kiku Chika/Cure Poppy
Hinata Reika/Cure Marigold
Kikuye Ran/Cure Orchid
Yuri Kiku/Cure Lily
Ruka Hanayo/Cure Glory
Ayame Sakura/Cure Iris

Harmonic PreCure!


Kumiko Asuka/Cure Adagio
Cure Symphony
Isamu Mai/Cure Tempo
Yuzuki Setsuko/Cure Ballet

Rejoice! PreCure


Cure Love
Cure Pride
Cure Surprise
Cure Courage
Cure Joy

Lovely Cards PreCure


Yorokobi Kansei/Cure Joker
Midori Suzu/Cure Clover
Wankyoku Gara/Cure Spade
Isamu Akane/Cure Queen

Elegant Love PreCure!


Kanboku Koyo/Cure Holly
Takara Sora/Cure Faith
Shosan Reigi/Cure Grace
Boei Seiko/Cure Hope
Dizaia Kami/Cure Destiny
Meiyo Hoseki/Cure Angel

Go! Sweet PreCure


Karinto Mizume/Cure Cookie (Chocolate Wishes)
Amanattō Arare/Cure Candy
Manjū Uirō/Cure Sugar
Konpeitō Mochi/Cure Pie
Sata Castella/Cure Cupcake

Gemstone PreCure!


Hope Diamond
Kohaku Shizuka/Cure Amber
Cure Emerald
Midori Ryou/Cure Peridot

Quintessence PreCure!


Cure Infurno
Cure Breeze
Cure Splash
Cure Earth

Go! Dimensional PreCure!


Cure Dash
Cure Formation
Cure Merit
Cure Expanse
Cure Shade
Cure Quality

Enchantment PreCure!


Rokkaku Noroi/Cure Sorceress
Utsukushi Eiko/Cure Enchantress

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