ポップ Poppu
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceMarchenland (Jubiland)
RelativesCandy (younger sister)
Alter EgoCure Pop
Theme ColorBlue & Gray
Japanese Voice ActorDaisuke Sakaguchi
English Voice ActorTodd Haberkorn

Pop is a is a lion-like fairy and a mascot in "Smile Pretty Cure". He is one of the members of the Prince Charming side of the Glitter Force of The Future.


Pop has brown hair and dark brown eyes. His normal outfit consists a blue denim jacket, with an orange t-shirt underneath, a pair of blue denim jean pants, and brown harness boots.


Unlike Candy, Pop comes off as a very mature and responsible character. As such, he is a good brother to Candy, always looking out for her and even doing her ears in new styles.


Cure PopEdit

"Tough and strong as the biggest stone wall! Cure Pop!"
Jōbude saidai no ishi no kabe no yōna tsuyoidesu! Kyua Poppu!

Cure Pop is the alter Prince Charming ego of Pop. In The Glitter Force of The Future, his introduction is "Tough as a lion, and swift as a cheetah! I'm Prince Pop!"


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