This page is for the mascots of fanon stories.


Pretty Cure GoGo HeartEdit


Mipple is the Princess of Hope from the Garden of Light. She became partners with Hannah (in Futari wa Pretty Cure), allowing Hannah to transform into Cure White. Mipple's two forms are a cute, light pink stuffed-toy-rabbit - like creature and a form that resembles a cell phone, first one being a Card Commune and the second one being a Heartful Commune. Mipple is very patient and kind, even having been a motherly figure to Aruna and Von, who have no parents. Mipple, because she is the Princess of Hope, is the reason Aruna is able to transform.


Porun is the Prince of Light from the Garden of Light. He became partners with Hilary (in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart), allowing Hilary to transform into Shiny Luminous. Porun's two forms are a cute, white and light green stuffed-toy-rabbit - like creature and a form that first resembles a small laptop, the Rainbow Commune, and later the Touch Commune, which resembles a make-up compact. Porun is very playful and has plenty of energy, but is still always ready to rush head-first to help those he cares about if they are in danger. Porun, because he is the Prince of Light, is the reason Von is able to transform.

Pretty Cure New GenerationEdit


Meppo is Mepple and Mipple's son, and Katie's partner. Like his father, he is rather arrogant and stubborn, costantly arguing with his partner.

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