Martina Recce
マルティナ偵察 Marutina Teisatsu
Cure Blizzard
Alter EgoCure Blizzard
 Martina Recce (マルティナ偵察 Marutina Teisatsu) is a sweet and sometimes stubborn girl who has only a bit of friends. She attends Martinwood Elementary School with Milly Ross/Cure Nyanko (ミリー・ロス Mirī Rosu/キュアニャンコ Kyua Nyanko), and later Kasey Stale/Cure Silver (ケイシー古いです Keishī Furuidesu/キュアシルバー Kyua Shirubā). She likes to hang out with her friends, but is sometimes late to class. Her alter ego is Cure Blizzard (キュアブリザード Kyua Burizādo), and represents snow flowers.

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