Majestic Pretty Cure!
マジェスティック プリキュア!
(Majesutikku Purikyua!)
StudioPretty Cure Fandom Wiki
Original Run4/25/2015

Majestic Pretty Cure! (マジェスティック プリキュア!Majesutikku Purikyua!) is a Pretty Cure one of the series of pretty cure franchise created by AJilanaqila. The main theme of this series are animals, myth, love and music.

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Characters Edit

Cures Edit

Hanano Sakura (花の桜 Hanano Sakura) / Cure Garden (キュアガーデン Kyua Gāden) - The main character who owns a pet shop. She love animals. She is very good at taking care of animals and she also love to sing. Her main color is pink and her animal is a monarch butterfly.

Yukimura Aisu (幸村アイス Yukimura Aizu) / Cure Blizzard (キュアブリザード Kyua Burizādo) - Sakura's best friend. She excels studies and a student council president. She is good at archery, piano and a good leader. Her main color is blue and her animal is an arctic fox.

Himawari Clara (ヒマワリクララ Himawari Kurara) / Cure Light (キュア ライト Kyua Raito) - Another best friend of Sakura and Aisu. She is very good at sports, especially volley, football, basketball, marathon, badminton, swimming and tennis. She is very good at playing drums. Her main color is yellow and her animal is a golden cheetah.

Kishima Ran (木島蘭 Kishima Ran) / Cure Meadow (キュアメドウ Kyua Medō) - She is from the Seasonval Kingdom who goes to earth when her planet is destroyed with her brother. She is very good at baking cookies and also smart. She opens a cookie shop and she also love to entertain the people on the shop with her guitar playing. Her main color is green and her animal is a Emerald Chin Hummingbird.

Akiyama Kaede (秋山 楓 Akiyama Kaede) / Cure Autumn (キュア アズム Kyua Azumu) - She used to be very shy until she become a cure and friends with sakura. She is very good at art, especially painting. Her main color is red and her animal is a fire red eagle.

Mascots Edit

Pegasus (ペガサス Pegasasu) - A fox-like mascot with wings.

Unicorn (ユニコーン Yunikōn) - A rabbit-like mascot with horns.