Karinto Mizume
花林糖 水飴 Mizume Karintō
Cure Cookie
SeasonGo! Sweet PreCure
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceAisukurīmu Ōkoku (Icecream Kingdom)
First AppearanceEpisode 5
Alter EgoCure Cookie
Chocolate Wishes
Theme ColorBrown
 Karinto Mizume (花林糖 水飴 Karinto Mizume) is one of the Cures in Go! Sweet PreCure!. Her alter ego is Cure Cookie (硬化クッキー Kyua Kukkī) and represents cookies and chocolate. Her catchphrase is "Amazing!" (素晴らしいです Subarashīdesu!)


  • Mizume is the fourth princess mentioned in the franchise. The others are Cure Ruby, Cure Queen, Cure Angel, and Hope Diamond.
  • Mizume is the first Pretty Cure in the franchise to have brown as her theme color. 
  • She always loves to learn new things, even at school.
  • Mizume is popular for singing on the internet, and gets asked to start a singing carrer. She refuses due to her promise, protecting the universe from any harm. 
  • Her home, the Icecream Kingdom, gets destroyed during a war. Mizume gets sent to Earth for safety. 
  • Mizume used to sing in the Kingdom, always making everyone happy.