Isamu Akane
勇茜 Akane Isamu
SeasonLovely Cards PreCure!
16 (Cure Queen)
Eye ColorLight Orange
Dark red (Cure Queen)
Hair ColorBlack
White (Cure Queen)
First AppearanceTBA
Alter EgoCure Queen
Theme ColorRed
 Isamu Akane (勇茜 Akane Isamu) is one of the Cures in Lovely Cards PreCure!. Her alter ego is Cure Queen (キュア女王 Kyua Kuin) and represents royalty and love. 


  • Akane's name means "Courage/Bravery" and "Deep red". 
  • She is the sixth red Pretty Cure in the franchise.
  • She was originally going to be the main Cure in this season, except Yorokobi Kansei was chosen instead.
  • Akane is the second princess mentioned in the franchise. The others are Cure Ruby, Cure Angel, Cure Cookie/Chocolate Wishes, and Hope Diamond.

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