New characters and old characters will be there!!

Takashimizu Rina
Yukishiro Honoka
Misumi Ryouta

New ones

Sunna Björk Rojizo - Icelandic girl who was adopted by Blitz's parents in Spain

Friðrika "Rikka" Rojiz - Twin sister of Sunna.

Rodrigo 'Blitz' Rojizo - Spanish adopted brother of Sunna his parents moved to Japan when he was eight for job transfer. He uses three swords all from his swordsmasters descandents.

Kuzuri Kotabe - A naïve and super timit often acting like a child and a childhood friend of the siblings when they moved to Japan. He has autism.

The plot: A year after the epilogue of original Breathe Honoka is called to become a Pretty Cure for the last time as evil has stolen a powerful relic. She is introduced to a new partner Sunna but stubbornly refuses to work with after the loss of her previous partner. Honoka also finds a way to cheat death.

The first chapter will be posted here and on please check it out and tell me how it is!!

TBA post on

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