Glee and Melee

Glee and Melee in their mascot forms

Glee and Melee are sisters, though they never talk to each other because they are opposites(Glee is good while Melee is evil).They also function as transformation devices for Cure Twister(Glee) and Dark Twister(Melee). They have way different personalities. Glee is bubbly and sweet, while Melee only serves the Dark Lord with a cold attitude. Their human alter ego's are Honey York(Glee) and Blossom York(Melee). Apperance

Glee has white fur with pointed pink ears and hair with pink heart fur at the ends. She has pink eyes and wears a light pink v-neck short with a pink heart design on it along with a frilly pink skirt and a pair of light pink flats. Melee, like her sister, has white fur with pointed dark magenta ears and dark magenta hearts at the end of her hair. She wears a Japanese-style dress in 2 colors, dark magenta and black with the same style boots.