Dizaia Kami
ディザイア神 Kami Dizaia
Cure destiny by trinitysparkle1-d997b5r
SeasonElegant Love PreCure!
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorLight Blue
Alter EgoCure Destiny
Theme ColorBlue
 Dizaia Kami (ディザイア神 Kami Dizaia) is one of the Cures in Elegant Love PreCure!. Her alter ego is Cure Destiny (キュアデスティニー Kyua Desutinī) and represents diamonds.


  • Kami's name means "'Divine Desire". 
  • She is the fifth blue Pretty Cure in the franchise. 
  • Kami works as a scientist. She only does this to earn cash for her family (they have money issues and start to become poor). 

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