キャンディ Kyandi
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Home PlaceMarchenland (Jubiland)
RelativesPop (older brother)
Alter EgoCure Candy/Glitter Candy

Royale Candy/Queen Candy

Theme ColorPink & White
Japanese Voice ActorIkue Ohtani
English Voice ActorDebi Derryberry (mascot form)

Stephanie Sheh (human form)

Candy is a mascot in sheep-like fairy and a mascot in "Smile Pretty Cure". She is the leader of the Glitter Force of the Future. 


Candy has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a light pink long sleeved shirt with a two-tier ruffled skirt of light pink and hot pink. Over her shirt is a fuchsia vest with pale yellow coloring inside and a hood. Her pink sneakers have white string, toe, and sole, while the cuff is pale pink. Worn with them are white stockings with pink lining.


Personality wise, Candy is very girly and is very fond of fashionable stuff. She also likes to dress herself up and style her ears in different fashions. She can be also a bit strict about her and others' status as Pretty Cures. She can be a crybaby, a bit childish and can get easily scared. Candy also acts like a little sister when Pop is around.


Cure CandyEdit

"Kurukuru Glittering Light of the Future! Cure Candy!"
Kurukuru kirameku mirai no hikari! Kyua Kyandi!

Cure Candy is the alter Pretty Cure ego of Candy. Cure Candy has the power of Holy Light. She can jump very high to the sky, but she is always a problem to go back down after a jump, though she can fly. In The Glitter Force of The Future, her introduction is "Magic and Innocence, the Strength of a Wish! I'm Glitter Candy!"