Boei Seiko
防衛性向 Seikō Bōei
Cure hope by trinitysparkle1-d997b56
SeasonElegant Love PreCure!
Eye ColorLight Blue
Pink (Cure Hope)
Hair ColorLight Pink
Pink (Cure Hope)
First AppearanceEpisode 4
Alter EgoCure Hope
Theme ColorPink
Boei Seiko (防衛性向 Seiko Boei) is one of the Cures in Elegant Love PreCure!. Her alter ego is Cure Hope (キュアホープ Kyua Hōpu) and represents flowers and hearts.

Trivia Edit

  • Seiko's name means "Endearment Defense". 
  • She is the fourth pink Pretty Cure in the franchise. 
  • Her family owns a flower shop. 

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