Big Bang Pretty Cure! (ビッグバンプリキュア! Biggu Ban Purikyua!) is the first Pretty Cure series created by CureHibiki. It unofficially succeeds Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! in its initial timeslot. The main motifs of the show is space.




Hoshimiya Rena (星宮れな Hoshimiya Rena)/ Cure Supernovae (キュアスーパーノービー Kyua Sūpānōbī)

Kisaragi Momoko (如月桃子 Kisaragi Momoko)/ Cure Nebula (キュアネビュラ Kyua Nebyura)

Shiba Kotone (司波琴音 Shiba Kotone)/ Cure Pulsar (キュアパルサー Kyua Parusā)

Cure Light Years (キュアライトヤーズ Kyua Raito Yāzu)


Orbit (オービット Ōbitto)

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