ღSweet Pretty Cureღ Vocal Album 1 ~So Cute Girls!~ (ღスウィート プリキュアღ ボーカル アルバム 1 〜ソー キュート ガールズ!〜 ღSuu~īto Purikyuaღ Bōkaru Arubamu 1 〜Sō Kyūto Gāruzu!〜) is the first vocal album for the series ღSweet Pretty Cureღ.

Track # Title Time
01 Ring! ღSweet Pretty Cureღ
リング! ღスウィートプリキュアღ
Ringu! ღSuu~īto Purikyuaღ

Opening song performed by Hitomi Yoshida

02 Hai! Purikyua Play Card!
はい!プリキュア プレイ カード!
Yes! Pretty Cure Purei Kādo!
Group song performed by Sora Tokui, Eri Sendai, Rie Tanaka & Yuka Imai.
03 Heart♥Beat Love
Hāto♥Bīto Rabu
Character song of Aika Minako. Performed by Sora Tokui.
04 Otome no Yogen
Maiden's Prophecy
Character song of Kamiya Hina. Performed by Eri Sendai.
05 Double Trouble
Duo character song of Aika Minako and Kamiya Hina. Performed by Sora Tokui and Eri Sendai.
06 Hoshi no Hikari no Inori
Starlight Prayer
Character song of Matsueda Yuka. Performed by Rie Tanaka.
07 My Destiny
マイ デスティニー
Mai Desutinī
Character song of Kajiura Allie. Performed by Yuka Imai.
08 One! Two! Three! Fortune Star
ONE! TWO! THREE! フォーチュン スター
One! Two! Three! Fōchun Sutā
Duo character song of Matsueda Yuka and Kajiura Allie. Performed by Rie Tanaka and Yuka Imai.
12 Happy Shower
ハッピー シャワー
Happī Shawā
Ending song performed by Aya Ikeda.

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